Sunday, March 25, 2012

Scrub it up.

If you love the feel of wind,dust, and dirt in your face, the smell of paint in your nose, and the taste of rust in your throat, you will love this part of the restoration. I absolutely want a sand blaster. The thought of gently waving my magic wand of high speed abrasion that lifts the most stubborn patina gives me the chills. Oh the time I could save and the rust I could kill.... ah dreams.... reality dictates that a machines that operates at 150 decibels and leaves pounds of sand within a 4 block area of where it operates, relegates this particular fantasy to my dreams.
Enter the modern wire wheel. 3400 revolutions per minute of paint and rust stripping madness. Every part that has just been disassembled from the trike has now to be stripped of all the paint and rust that 40 years of use has contributed to it. The jack shaft and axle are dissembled and scrubbed clean then lubed, bad parts replaced and then reassembled. Frame parts are stripped, primed, and repainted.

Mitch and I debated over what color to paint this trike and decided on bumble bee. Yellow frame, black wheels, and haven't decided what to do with the chrome yet. Handle bars will be black.